These hacks and tutorials are for educational purposes only. If you practice these hacks and get into trouble it is nothing to do with me.

Also never hack to exploit from the poor or weak. Be a robin hood, dont go robbing wood.


Bringing you the very best free hacks

Why am I using a free webhosting site?

I'm guy with haxor skills not a massive wallet.

For the record I don't hack for money, merely for lols.

By the way please don't bother trying to "hack" my website, because there is nothing to hack. So by even opening the Developer Tools or source code your just a noob.

Megavideo Ultimate Hacks

If you think your a haxor and want me to publish one of your tutorials on this site then mail me at:


Websites Hacked: www.awooh.com ; www.megavideo.com  

Hacks Benefits: No need to pay or fill in surveys ; remove the time limit for free

Hacking difficulty: Low

As it says on the left in my little disclaimer these hacks are for "educational purposes only". Well, non-officially I would like to say: Hack all the fileshare sites you want.

Paying for illegal movies is just as illegal as watching illegal movies. So if your breaking the law, at least do so without burning a hole in your pocket. The legality of awooh.com is questionable but who wants to pay for low quality movies anyhow? Well, Webhaxor66 is on the case.

Ask some questions, give some feedback, tell us of your hacking adventures. Use the comments bar!

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Simple Java Login Hack

Websites Hacked: www.webhaxor66.roxer.com/loginhackexample

Hacks Benefits: Learn how to hack low security loginbars used on ameteur sites

Hacking difficulty: Medium

There are billions upon billions of websites on the Internet. There are hundreds of amateur websites which use low-grade security login bars (often on sites such as Roxer, Weebly, Wordpress and Blogspot) that can easily be attacked. We're not cruel enough (well...) to actually give any examples of other people's sites to hack, so we've made our own easy-to-hack login for you to practice on.

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